Best Places To Visit In India In September 2024

September is a best time to go on a holiday because the rain is going away and the sky is clear. The weather is nice and we want to go out, leave our homes and see new places. If the rain stopped you from travelling before, now you can enjoy the last showers of the year. September is a ideal time to go to India because there are many places you can choose from. We have made a list of places that are fun and interesting for different people. Look at the list and pick the place you want… + Read More

Best Places To Visit In India In September 2024


  • Temperature: High - 33°C, Low - 26°C

Varanasi is not just another city of India – it is a spiritual heartbeat. Sacred to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, it is full of temples, ghats and spiritual sentiments. Many people believe that performing the last rites here breaks the cycle of life and death. So, this is deep. As September approaches, the ghats along the banks of the Ganga fill up with devotees in search of a holy dip. If you are nearby, don't miss the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Dashashwamedh Ghat. It is an experience of a lifetime.



  • Temperature: High - 29°C, Low - 09°C

Imagine being surrounded by towering mountains, pristine lakes and tranquil monasteries – welcome to Ladakh! Nestled between the vast Himalayas and the Karakoram, this place is a natural masterpiece. Whether you are an adventurer or just come here for the scenery, the beauty of Ladakh will mesmerize you. And for buyers? Prepare to be wowed by unique Tibetan jewellery, cozy woolen clothing and exquisite carpets. If you are planning a trip in September, don't miss iconic places like Pangong Lake, Thiksey Monastery and Magnetic Hill. It's the perfect time for sightseeing!



  • Temperature: High - 35°C, Low - 20°C

Feeling the heat in the North? A trip to Himachal Pradesh can prove to be the pleasant holiday you need. Shimla, Manali and Dharamshala offer a refreshing escape from the hot and humid plains. With the beauty of autumn settling in, the views are simply breathtaking. There has been no heavy snowfall yet and the weather is pleasant, making Himachal a top choice for September holidays in India.



  • Temperature: High - 32°C, Low - 22°C

Have you ever dreamed of heaven on earth? That's Kerala for you! By September, the monsoons are over, and the party atmosphere begins with Onam, the state's grandest festival. Due to the perfect humid climate, this month is also a golden time for some rejuvenating Ayurveda treatments. Fancy a boat ride through the tranquil backwaters? Or perhaps a peaceful walk through fragrant tea and spice gardens? Kerala got you. And roaring waterfalls? Absolutely mesmerizing.



  • Temperature: High - 20°C, Low - 08°C

Dreaming of a tranquil mountain escape? Darjeeling, situated in the north-eastern Himalayas, is perfect. By September, the place had become fresh due to rain and the crowd had reduced. The tea plantations look as lush as ever, the roads are often hidden behind misty curtains, and the rivers are overflowing – great for river rafting! While you're there, visit the ancient Tibetan monasteries, go trekking, or relax at your hotel in town. Also, you can get some good deals related to Darjeeling travel in September.



  • Temperature: High - 30°C, Low - 24°C

This is a wonderful holiday destination in India where every season feels like a holiday. But let me spill some tea: September is a special month here. Imagine everything looking fresh and cool from the recent rain. If you visit Goa during this month, definitely check out the Dudhsagar Waterfall – it is a trekker's dream. And don't even get me started on the historic churches, fortified forts and wild, untamed sanctuaries! Oh, and the beach? Pure relaxation. So, if you are planning, September in Goa is one you won't want to miss!



  • Temperature: High - 19.3°C, Low - 12.6°C

Welcome to the 'City of Lakes', Nainital! This hill station becomes magical in September. Picture this: sparkling lakes, lush green hills, and temples all freshly washed by monsoon rains. And the best part? Less crowds and some good deals on accommodation, as it is off-peak season. If you are looking for a serene and picturesque holiday this September, Nainital should be on your list!



  • Temperature: High - 30°C, Low - 09°C

Called “Heaven on Earth”, the charm of Kashmir is irresistible, especially in September. Imagine gliding on a shikara across the serene Dal Lake, with the backdrop of the golden shade of trees. Places like Sonamarg and Gulmarg showcase the artistry of nature with lush green meadows, sparkling lakes and snowy peaks. Srinagar, in its autumn splendor, feels like poetry. Whether you are trekking, hiking, or simply enjoying the scenery, Kashmir in September promises memories to last a lifetime.




  • Temperature: High - 35°C, Low - 25°C

If you are thinking of a place full of history and culture then Rajasthan is the right place. Known for its brave Rajput warriors, this place is always on the radar of travelers. Right now, in September, everyone is talking about Mt. Abu. But that is not all! Places like Shekhawati, Pushkar, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur also receive a large number of tourists. However, a little warning: this time many people will be skipping the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. But anyway, it is worth a trip to Rajasthan this month!



  • Temperature: High - 20°C, Low - 12°C

Ooty, often called the 'Queen of the Nilgiris', is a hill-station dream come true in September. Imagine boarding the iconic Nilgiri Toy Train as it whizzes through beautiful landscapes. Stroll through the tea gardens, gaze at the glistening waterfalls and let the aroma of the coffee plantations captivate you. After the monsoon, the botanical gardens come alive with vibrant flowers. Don't miss the fun sailing adventure at Kamaraj Sagar Dam and Avalanche Lake. And while you're there, enjoy the city's famous chocolate. It's a treat for all your senses!



  • Temperature: High - 32.6°C, Low - 23.3°C

Amritsar, a city where tradition embraces modernity, stands as a sacred beacon for Sikhs worldwide. Founded by Guru Ram Das, its spiritual roots have beautifully intertwined with the bustling energy of a rapidly developing city. While summers in Amritsar can be sweltering, the monsoons, stretching from July to September, offer a refreshing change. The gentle rain showers transform the city, making strolls and exploration truly delightful, a stark contrast to the summer heat.

September, with its pleasant aura, is perfect to witness the city's marvels. From the ethereal Golden Temple to the historic Jallianwala Bagh and spirited Wagah Border, there's so much to take in. Don't miss the Durgiana Temple, the tranquil Ram Bagh, and the heritage-rich Pul Kanjari. Amritsar in the rains is an experience to cherish.



  • Temperature: High - 32°C, Low - 22°C

Do you want to visit India's own "Scotland"? That's Coorg for you. Nestled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Coorg is a lush green place of coffee plantations, tall trees and misty mountains. If you are looking for a refreshing holiday, then this hill station is perfect for you. And if you are wondering when to pack your bags, monsoon is the answer. The rains make the waterfalls of Coorg roar and its landscape even more captivating.



  • Temperature: High - 32°C, Low - 22°C

Imagine a group of 600 islands peeking out of the Bay of Bengal—that's Andaman and Nicobar for you. These islands have this aura of mystery, perhaps because they have been secluded for so long. But what you will find here is sheer beauty – clear water surrounded by trees, rocks and small islands. After the monsoon, the islands are just waking up, lively but quiet, making it the best time to visit.



  • Temperature: High - 33°C, Low - 23°C

Nestled by the Ganga and shadowed by the Himalayas, Rishikesh is a town bursting with wonders.  It is a paradise for adventurers and soul-seekers. From yoga exercises to thrilling water sports, there is something for everyone. Thinking about a trip? Circle September on your calendar. With the Ganga flowing at full speed, rafting is a heart-pounding experience. Alternatively, pitch a tent by the river, delve deep into yoga, find peace in meditation, or explore centuries-old temples and tranquil ashrams.




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