Best Time To Visit India

Choosing the best time to visit India depends on the kind of adventure you are looking for. Equally diverse climatic conditions are found in different landscapes of the country. For heat seekers, some places offer tropical climates all year round. If you prefer a cooler climate, some regions, especially in the foothills of the Himalayas, experience winter… + Read More

Winter (November - February)

If you love exploring new places in India, then winter is the ideal season for you. You can enjoy the cold weather without any guilt and indulge in various adventures and feasts. Also, with the arrival of the festive season, there is a lot of joy and celebration all around. The best time to shop and travel is during winter. In this season, especially you can find all the amazing deals. If you are planning a winter trip, we have many great travel packages for both inside and outside the country.

Some places look magical during winter. The…

Summer (March - June)

Are you aiming to arrange an untroubled and soothing summer vacation in India? Our curated list of optimal locations to visit during Summer in India, along with suggested summer travel packages, is designed to present you with a vast selection of unique, peaceful, and sun-drenched spots throughout the country.

From the towering Himalayan mountains and unspoiled North East, to the tropical shores of Andaman and Lakshadweep, and even the Nilgiris - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you won't be short on choices when selecting your summer vacation spots in India.

At some of the esteemed luxury accommodations…

Monsoon (July - September)

India during the monsoon is like watching a vibrant natural film. From June to September, India gets painted in bright green hues, waters surge in the lakes and rivers, and the aroma of wet earth fills the air. If you're keen to witness India's outdoor wonders, the monsoon is the time. Let's explore some tours available during this season.


The Charm of Monsoon Tourism

More travelers are seeking the monsoon experience in India. It's not just about the rain-soaked earth but also the mist-covered mountains, festive vibes, and close-up wildlife moments. With special monsoon trips,…

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Tips Before Travel

Bring multiple copies of your passport when you travel.

Travelling outside can be hard so you need to carry copies of your passport all around.

Register your name with your home embassy.

Register your name with your home embassy for easy travelling.

Don’t forget to carry local cash for purchasing items.

Don’t forget to carry the local cash for purchasing the local items.

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