Best Places To Visit In India In July 2024

As monsoon begins to pick up pace and your urban life includes regular showers, it serves as a reminder to go on vacation. Instead of regretting being confined indoors because of the rains, look at this as an opportunity to be in nature and embrace the unique charm of the monsoon season. You have two major options – head north to experience the grandeur of the Himalayas, or travel south in search of variety and leisure. From the historic city of Udaipur to the lush green paradise Munnar, there are many destinations that you can add to your list… + Read More

Best Places To Visit In India In July 2024


  • Temperature: High - 32°C, Low - 13°C

Ladakh is a visual masterpiece. Imagine a landscape dotted with golden, red and green monasteries and stunning gompas, with monks wearing vibrant red robes and colorful prayer flags fluttering in the wind. The merging of the emerald Zanskar and Indus rivers under the vast blue sky is pure soul food. Located in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh beautifully displays a blend of Tibetan and Muslim influences. Despite the pace of the modern world, Ladakh has retained its traditions. Whether you are looking for adventure or a quiet moment to breathe, Ladakh welcomes you.



  • Temperature: High - 37°C, Low - 23°C

If there is any place in India that reflects the grandeur of nature, it is Himachal. Often described as "fantastic", it is a dream destination for many. July reveals a fresh, rain-soaked side of Himachal. The showers create charming streams, rivers and mud ponds. The air filled with the scent of wet soil reminds us of our deep connection with nature.



  • Temperature: High - 31°C, Low - 25°C

When monsoon arrives in Kerala it turns into heaven. Rain refreshes everything: lakes, rivers, hills, beaches. By July, the entire state starts celebrating, even the wildlife. Also, this is the best time for Ayurvedic treatment. Humidity in the air enhances the effect of herbal treatments and massages. What else? The festive season also starts in July. So, pack your bags and experience the monsoon magic of Kerala.




  • Temperature: High - 36°C, Low - 26°C

Pondicherry is a delightful blend of Indian heritage with a strong French flair. As the foremost French colony in India, it has a distinct Gallic influence on its architecture and local culture. The eastern old part seems to be more French, some locals even converse in this language. Yet, the essence of South India is equally celebrated here. The sound of the ocean waves and the light sea breeze create a pleasant and soulful atmosphere. Immerse yourself in this unique cultural mix when you visit.



  • Temperature: High - 20°C, Low - 15°C

Darjeeling, a major tea center of the world, is a town full of colonial charm. Often called the “Queen of the Hills”, one look and you’ll know why. Picture local women skillfully picking tea leaves as they line the iconic Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit in July to experience the clear views of Mount Everest and Kangchenjunga peak and the pleasant weather of the city.



  • Temperature: High - 29°C, Low - 24°C

Goa is the best beach in India. The golden sand, delicious food and the carefree spirit of the local people make it truly special. If you visit during the rainy season around July, you will get a serene, magical Goa experience. The smell of rain-kissed beaches and wet earth under cloudy skies is mesmerizing. Goa remains vibrant but the rains remain refreshing.



  • Temperature: High - 34°C, Low - 22°C

Uttarakhand, fondly called “Devbhoomi” or “Land of the Gods”, feels almost dreamlike with its majestic mountains and tranquil rivers. It is believed that the gods chose this place for their special temples. A paradise for adventurers, it offers trekking, wildlife, yoga destinations and charming cities. Come July, the rains refresh everything, and the sound of temple bells and the drizzle with local life create an atmosphere that is truly unforgettable.



  • Temperature: High - 30°C, Low - 15°C

Manali is a bustling hill station, popular among travelers throughout the year. In Manali you can dive into activities like river rafting, trekking, skiing, zorbing and shopping. Whatever be the season, Manali has its own charm. Apart from this, due to snowfall in winter, there is a crowd of tourists here. If you are looking for an unforgettable trip then you should consider driving to Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley or even Leh. The climate in July is mild, so it is a good time to visit.



  • Temperature: High - 37°C, Low - 26°C

Udaipur is like a page from a romantic fairy tale, where stories of kings and queens echo among its magnificent palaces and temples. Wandering through the colorful streets and markets of Udaipur, you will reach a different world. July brings respite from the scorching heat in Udaipur, making the city come alive once again. The month of July is a great time to visit Udaipur, take a peaceful boat ride or do some shopping.





  • Temperature: High - 42°C, Low - 23°C

The view of Rajasthan is worth seeing during monsoon. Imagine peacocks dancing in the rain and the fragrance of soil wafting in the air. The rains bring beauty to the historical monuments, and the lakes are filled with fresh water. The Monsoon Palace shines brightly, taking you back to the royal history of Rajasthan. Enjoy a peaceful boat ride, tour Bundi town, or watch birds at Keoladeo National Park. Trust me, if you visit in July, you will want to return.



  • Temperature: High - 22°C, Low - 16°C

Munnar, a favorite hill station in Kerala, is a lush green paradise for travelers. It was once a summer paradise for the British. Munnar has vast tea plantations and winding roads, which are perfect for the traveler who wants to escape from the busy life and spend a relaxing holiday. Every 12 years the surrounding hills of Munnar turn blue with the rare Neelakurinji flowers. With its rich wildlife and natural beauty, Munnar is a dreamy place to visit in July with your special someone.





  • Temperature: High - 30°C, Low - 23°C

Andaman in July is a tropical delight with its warm weather and occasional rains. This is heaven for adventure lovers. Whether you want to go snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, or simply take a glass boat ride, there is plenty to do. Dive centers also recommend underwater exploration at this time. Although Elephant Beach is not accessible by boat, you can trek there with a guide. Don't miss attractions like the Cellular Jail, Chatham Saw Mill and the Anthropological Museum.






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