Cancellation Policy

India Magical Trip realises that when you cancel your reservations, you do so out of emergency. Nevertheless, cancellations prove to be expensive to administer and entail communication costs and staff time and effort. Hence, all the cancellations made within 60 days of arrival entitle you to bear 10% of the entire tour cost as the cancellation fee.

For a trip cancelled 59-30 days prior to the date of arrival, you will have to bear 15% of the entire charges of the trip.

In case of a trip you needed to cancel 29-15 days prior to the date of landing in India, you will have to pay 30% charge of the complete cost of the trip.

If you do the cancellation 14-7 days before the final date, you will be charged with a 40% cancellation fee on the total package charges.

If the reservation is terminated only 6-3 days before the date to set off, you need to pay a cancellation fee of 50% on the regular tour cost.

Though, this kind of a situation is highly unexpected on both ends, still on any cancellation just before 3 days of the arriving day, a cancellation fee of 100% on the entire cost of the tour package will be charged.

Cancellation of flight tickets will be as per the rules of airlines and their own cancellation policies. In case of non-refundable air tickets, on cancellation you will not receive any refund into your account.

However, on termination of your reservation, please mail us or contact our customer care service. For cancellation of the trip, we do not refund you against the booked and paid items or services and they stand as non-refundable.

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