Best Places To Visit In India In March 2024

March is like the grand entrance of spring, and guess what? This is the right time to focus your attention on exploring India. The weather in March is just spot-on – not too hot, not too chilly – making it a top-notch season for a visit. And, let's talk about the best places to visit in India in march – we're talking Goa, Jaipur, Wayanad, and more. These places are like a buffet of experiences, serving up a mix of beach vibes, adventure, heritage, hill stations, romance, and all-out exploration.

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Best Places To Visit In India In March 2024


  • Temperature: High - 34°C, Low - 17°C

Varanasi, the country's oldest living city, is beautifully situated along the Ganga River. This city is a unique place where the full spectrum of life is embraced - from birth to death, every significant ritual is celebrated on its river Ghats. For Hindus, Varanasi holds a sacred significance, as it is believed that bathing in its waters offers liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Key attractions like the Assi Ghat, Dasaswamedh Ghat, and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple draw innumerable devotees. Visiting in March is particularly special, coinciding with the Maha Shivaratri and the enchanting Drupad music festival, offering a truly blissful experience.



  • Temperature: High -32°C, Low - 26°C

Discover the magic of Kerala in March, a standout choice among the best places to visit in India for 2024. As winter fades away, this beautiful South Indian destination welcomes you with warm temperatures and stunning scenery. Take a leisurely cruise through the enchanting backwaters of Alleppey, unwind on the golden beaches of Kovalam, and wander through the lush tea plantations of Munnar. March provides an ideal climate for immersing yourself in Kerala's vibrant culture, highlighted by festivities like Attukal Pongala and the Aranmula Uthrattathi Boat Race. Delight your taste buds with the aromatic spices of Kerala's cuisine and recharge with traditional Ayurvedic therapies. Whether you're drawn to serene waterways or lush landscapes, a visit to Kerala in March promises a perfect blend of nature, culture, and relaxation.



  • Temperature: High - 14.4°C, Low - 6.3°C

Darjeeling, nestled in West Bengal, stands out as one of the best places to visit in March in India. Fondly termed the 'Queen of Hills', it offers a serene respite from the urban rush, especially during this spring month. Known globally for its aromatic tea and sprawling tea estates, Darjeeling also hosts the UNESCO World Heritage Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, fondly called the Toy Train. With its mild weather in March, diverse array of tourist attractions, exotic wildlife, ancient monasteries, and breathtaking natural beauty, it draws visitors from all corners. 



  • Temperature: High - 33°, Low - 23°

Goa is a must visit place in India especially in March. With its beautiful sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and a host of exciting activities, Goa offers a unique blend of adventure and culture. It is a place where the world gathers to experience the charm of India's smallest but vibrant state. During this time, you can witness the colorful Shigmotsav, which is Goa's own version of Holi, celebrated with vibrant floats and energetic street parties. The weather is equally inviting with warm sunshine and refreshing breeze, adding to the overall blissful experience.



  • Temperature: High - 19°C, Low - 05°C

Sikkim is like a slice of heaven in the Himalayas, often described as an untouched Shangri-La. With a stunning backdrop of snow-clad mountains like Mount Kangchenjunga, crystal-clear lakes and ancient Tibetan monasteries, Sikkim is perfect for those seeking both adventure and peace. March is the ideal time to visit; The weather is pleasant, the cold of winter has subsided, and summer has not yet started. If you're there during this time don't miss the Lampokhri Tourism Festival – it's a real cultural delight.



  • Temperature: High - 29°C, Low - 17°C

Imagine a place where you can spot a one-horned rhinoceros, maybe even a tiger, amidst beautiful weather – welcome to Kaziranga National Park, Assam. March is the best time to visit, the climate here is suitable for safari. Known for housing two-thirds of the world's one-horned rhinoceros population, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest wildlife sanctuary in Assam. The park offers elephant rides, which is the most authentic way to explore its natural beauty.



  • Temperature: High - 33°C, Low - 10°C

Manali! It is like the land where legends and amazing nature coexist. Situated at the height of the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, this place is not only beautiful; It is steeped in ancient myths. Some people even say that humanity began from here. If you're glancing at the calendar for the best time to visit, circle March in bold. Firstly, there is the Fagli Mela festival, where you get a glimpse of the local hill life. Think of it as an authentic slice of Manali served on a festive platter. And hey, if you're an adrenaline junkie, you're in for a treat – river rafting season starts just then. So, whether you are interested in myths, nature, or that old adrenaline rush, a Manali trip in March is like hitting the jackpot. What are you waiting for?



  • Temperature: High - 36°C, Low - 17°C

March in Nainital is like waking up to a fresh, new world. This hill station has passed its snowy winter and the atmosphere is drenched in the freshness of spring. Religious or not, you will enjoy a visit to Naina Devi Temple and Bhimtal Lake. Also, local festivals like Phuldei and Bikhoti offer a colorful glimpse of the culture. It is a refreshing break, wrapped in the aura of new beginnings.



  • Temperature: High - 26°C, Low - 18°C

Rajasthan! It's like stepping into a storybook where the sand dunes are golden and the forts look like they're straight out of a fairy tale. Now, March may be balmy, but let's flip that coin – it actually adds a little extra sparkle to the place. Daytime in Jaipur is a whirlwind of colors and sounds. You can wander through the bustling markets or delve deep into the history of the ancient forts. But when the sun dips below the horizon, the real magic happens. The stars come out to play, and you won't want to miss that divine show. And if you're up for a short road trip, head to Udaipur, also known as the 'Venice of the East'. With its gorgeous lakes and palaces, it is a must-see. Whether you are keen to be a full-fledged tourist or you just want to relax in a luxurious hotel, Rajasthan has got just the ticket to a dream holiday for you. So, ready to live that fairy tale?



  • Temperature: High - 21°C, Low - 08°C

Experience the enchantment of Shimla in March, a standout among the best places to visit in India for 2024. As winter bids adieu, this hill station unfolds a picturesque landscape with pleasant weather. Marvel at the colonial architecture while strolling on the Mall Road, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Visit the historic Viceregal Lodge and take the scenic toy train ride to enjoy panoramic views. March allows you to witness the annual Summer Festival, celebrating Shimla's rich cultural heritage with music, dance, and local cuisine. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Himalayan nature, exploring Jakhoo Temple and Chadwick Falls. Whether it's the charming ambiance, cultural festivities, or breathtaking views, Shimla in March promises a delightful mountain retreat.



  • Temperature: High - 36°C, Low - 21°C

Take a step back in time when you visit Hampi. This place is like an open museum of ancient Indian history and architecture which is also known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With March offering the best weather to visit, you will be transported to a world of old temples, royal palaces and once-bustling market streets. Every stone and ruin tells stories of the grand civilization that once was. You don't need to be a history buff to appreciate this; Whether you are a laid-back backpacker or a keen historian, Hampi fascinates everyone with its array of over 500 fascinating sites.


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  • Temperature: High - 35°C, Low - 15°C

Marching into Shillong is much like stepping into a landscape painting. Often called the 'Scotland of the East', Shillong offers an idyllic setting with its hills and lush greenery. At an altitude of 4908 feet, you are literally on top of the world, enjoying the beauty of nature without any of the disruption of the city chaos. There are plenty of tourist places in Shillong and if you are interested in adventure, you will not be disappointed.



  • Temperature: High - 32°C, Low - 25°C

The Andaman Islands are a tropical paradise with a rebellious past. Once known as “Kalapani” and used by the British to imprison freedom fighters, these islands are now a top destination for both relaxation and adventure seekers. March is an ideal time to visit, it is the perfect season for exploring crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs. Don't miss Elephant Beach, Barren Island and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Be it scuba diving, snorkeling, or just enjoying the sun, Andaman has you covered.



  • Temperature: High - 30°C, Low - 15°C

Where the sacred Ganga flows and the Himalayas stand tall, Rishikesh—a spiritual and adventure hotspot—waits for you. After the winter chill, the city beckons rafting lovers. Come March, and the International Yoga Festival paints the town with spirituality, offering over 60 hours of sessions from renowned teachers. It's the perfect time for both serenity and excitement.



  • Temperature: High - 32°C, Low - 17°C

Starting its journey as a beacon for Project Tiger in 1973, Ranthambore National Park now stands as a sanctuary teeming with these majestic creatures. Amidst this wild beauty lies the iconic Ranthambore Fort, a World Heritage Site. March offers the perfect blend of weather for a safari adventure, as the climate strikes a balmy balance.



  • Temperature: High - 32°C, Low - 25°C

March 2024 beckons travelers to the serene shores of Kovalam, a coastal gem in southern India. This idyllic destination, adorned with golden beaches and lush landscapes, invites relaxation and rejuvenation. As one of the best places to visit in March, Kovalam offers an ideal escape from the mundane. The iconic Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and Samudra Beach present a picturesque setting. Dive into Ayurvedic wellness or explore the local culture at the Kovalam Art Gallery. With temperatures ranging from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius, Kovalam in March promises a perfect blend of sun, sea, and cultural exploration.



  • Temperature: High - 33°C, Low - 17°C

March 2024 unfolds the golden city of Jaisalmer in a mesmerizing tapestry of desert allure. This Rajasthan gem, renowned for its historic charm, offers a magical escape. Wander through the intricate architecture of Jaisalmer Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or explore the intricacies of Patwon Ki Haveli. The expansive Thar Desert beckons with camel safaris, unveiling a surreal landscape. As one of the best places to visit in March, Jaisalmer boasts a mild climate, with temperatures ranging from 17 to 33 degrees Celsius. Dive into the vibrant colors of the Desert Festival, showcasing the cultural richness of this desert oasis.



  • Temperature: High - 34°C, Low - 18°C

In March 2024, Jaisalmer, the enchanting golden city in Rajasthan, beckons travelers with its vibrant allure. As the desert landscape begins to embrace the warmth of spring, March unveils the ideal time to explore its majestic forts, such as the iconic Jaisalmer Fort. Wander through the narrow, bustling streets of the ancient city, where intricate architecture narrates tales of a bygone era. The mesmerizing Patwon Ki Haveli and Gadisar Lake offer serene respites. Venture into the Sam Sand Dunes for an ethereal desert experience. March in Jaisalmer epitomizes the perfect blend of culture and climate, inviting explorers to discover the timeless charm of this desert jewel.



  • Temperature: High - 29°C, Low - 14°C

Feel the spiritual energy in Haridwar this March, named one of the best places to visit in India for 2024. As spring blossoms, this sacred city along the Ganges River becomes a peaceful haven. Witness the captivating Ganga Aarti at Har Ki Pauri, a soulful experience by the river. Explore ancient temples like Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi, perched on hills for breathtaking views. March leads up to the grand Kumbh Mela, drawing pilgrims and seekers worldwide. Immerse yourself in the religious fervor, taking part in spiritual rituals. With pleasant temperatures, March is the perfect time to soak in Haridwar's divine atmosphere and cultural richness. Don't miss this chance to connect spiritually and embrace the cultural tapestry of Haridwar.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the top family-friendly destinations in India to explore in March?

Ans: March is the perfect month to take your family on an adventure across India. Spring is just around the corner, making the weather largely ideal across the country. Here is a short list of great places to visit with your loved ones this month:

  • Manali: Snow and mountains
  • Ooty: Tea and tranquility
  • Wayanad: Spice gardens and waterfalls
  • Nainital: Lakes and Leisure
  • Varanasi: Culture and cruises
  • Shimla: Pine forests and picnics
  • Jaipur: Forts and folklore
  • Mahabaleshwar: Strawberries and sunsets

Q: Which are the best places to visit in March for a honeymoon in India?

Ans: March month is the best time to visit some of the most romantic places in India. You'll find comfortable weather, stunning landscapes and the perfect backdrop for those lovey-dovey selfies. Be it enjoying the sunset or just strolling hand in hand, these places will definitely give you all the experiences.

  • Auli: Ski and snuggle
  • Kodaikanal: Love in the hills
  • Havelock Island: Beachside bliss
  • Mount Abu: Royal retreats
  • Gokarna: Sunset strolls
  • Puducherry: Coffee and cobblestones
  • Wayanad: Caves and candlelight dinners
  • Lakshadweep: Isolated islands of love

Q: Which are the best places to visit in March in South India?

Ans: South India is all about serene spots and spring vibes in March:

  • Coonoor: Tea and trekking
  • Hampi: Ruins and relaxation
  • Varkala: Cliffs and cafés
  • Araku Valley: Coffee and caves
  • Kumarakom: Backwaters and boating
  • Ooty: Hills and hikes
  • Idukki: Spices and sightseeing

Q: Which are the best places to visit in March in North India?

Ans: North India is a buffet of nature and niceties this time of the year:

  • Dharamshala: Monks and mountains
  • Kausani: Views for days
  • Dalhousie: Old-world charm
  • Patnitop: Picnics and panoramas
  • Kanatal: Tents and trails
  • Amritsar: Temples and treats
  • Agra: Love and landmarks
  • Almora: Culture and crafts

Q: Which are the popular festivals I can enjoy in March in India?

Ans:  If you're up for a good time and eager to dive into India's rich culture, March is your golden ticket. The country comes alive with festivals that are basically a whirlwind of colors, dances, and delicious food. which are:

  • Magh Mela: Dive into spirituality
  • International Yoga Festival: Flex your body and mind
  • Mahashivratri: A holy hullabaloo
  • Bhavnath Fair: Religious revelry
  • Jaipur Elephant Festival: Tusk-tastic fun
  • Holi: Colors and chaos
  • Arattu Festival: Divine dances
  • Hoysala Mahotsav: History comes alive

Q: Which are the best places to enjoy adventure activities in India in March?

Ans: Ready for a March adventure in India with the fam? From daring skydives to wild river rides, there's something for every thrill-seeker. So grab your gear, call up your loved ones, and let's make some epic memories. Which are:

  • Shillong: Think caves, cliffs, and camping
  • Goa: Water sports galore
  • Manali: From hiking to horse riding
  • Mysore: Sky's the limit with skydiving
  • Rishikesh: Rivers, rafts, and rock climbing
  • Andaman: Underwater wonders await

Q: Where I can enjoy the snow with my family in March in India?

Ans: You're wondering where to catch ice in March, especially if you have little kids with you, right? Well, don't worry, India has you covered:

  • Rohtang Pass: White wonderland
  • Gulmarg: Ski paradise
  • Auli: Snow and slopes
  • Patnitop: A serene snowy escape

Q: What is the average temperature in India during March month?

Ans: March is actually quite cold in India! We're talking daytime temperatures that are warm but not boiling—about 28°C. But at night, things can cool down to 23°C.

Q: Which are the best places to visit in March in India with toddlers?

Ans:  If you have little ones with you, and you want to build that epic snowman and many more activities, you'll find some amazing places to visit.

  • Munnar: Tea gardens and toy trains
  • Kufri: Mini-adventures galore
  • Dalhousie: Meadows and magic
  • Mussoorie: Hills and horse rides
  • Jaisalmer: Castles and camel rides
  • Darjeeling: Toy trains and treats
  • Gangtok: Orchids and open spaces
  • Ooty: Boats and botanical gardens

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