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India is a magical land gifted with charismatic beauty in every aspect. The unique charm and exceptional splendour of this land showcase its inimitable diversity in a number of ways. The land boasts of its cultural exuberance and traditional significance through its timeless heritages, flamboyant carnivals, vivid festivals and range of luscious cuisines. With an extended coastline at its disposal and mountainous terrains running from one edge to another, India can make a fascinating destination for the travellers who wish to experience a basket of sensational beauties.

The stimulating sites in India make an incredible tour for enthusiastic tourists worldwide. Ranging from a wide variety of flora and fauna stretches of deserts, white-washed beaches to the Blue Mountains, India has a wide array of travel experiences to offer. The diversity and versatility present in every aspect of this country, yet a fine balance between them makes the land extraordinarily beautiful.

Be it the wildlife, the golden sand beaches, the enveloping mighty mountains, the beautiful landscapes, the royal heritages, the exquisite temples or the showy festival with their own grandeur, everything in India has something unique and unexplored that you can explore while being in India. India Magical Trip, an innovative concept of travelling and an incredible partner in your trip, lets you unearth these diverse but amazing treasures of India. We strive to make your journey a remarkable and cherished one. With an aim to offer you experiences that stay etched to your mind, our dedicated and professional members assist you in the booking, transportation, accommodation and guidance. We promise to stand by your side to offer you the most exciting trip you have ever experienced.

Valuable India Tour Info

In order to experience an amazing holiday and a memorable vacation in India, you just need to do a tad of planning, decide your budget and keep in mind the following travel information.

Transportation Options

The most striking factor of India is that every corner of this country is well connected through transports like air, rails, waterways and roads. The most prominent international airbases that connect every important part of this country are in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. The country-wide railway network runs from one edge to another. Also, there are bus and taxi services to take you to your desired place.

Monetary Exchange

You can exchange or transfer your foreign exchanges to the Indian rupee, the national currency. The latter is available in coins and denominations. Also, banking is highly convenient here with a number of private and public banks, branches and ATMs spread across the nation. You can also find money changers in the metros that let you convert your pound, euro, yen, dollar or sterling into rupee with 24x7 services, especially at the airports.

Buying Souvenirs

No wonder, you can’t resist yourself from going on a fascinating shopping spree. With budget-friendly and colourful displays, the hoards of shops and stalls dot the country. You can indulge in shopping extravaganza here without shedding too much to collect some of the best memoirs including arts, handicrafts, fabric pieces, spices, gaudy jewelleries and many others.

Essential Certificates

This becomes the most important part of your travel to any part of the world. Keep your passports, ID proof and important local contact details handy. Make sure you have the numbers of your hotel saved on your phone for emergencies. Also, keep duplicate copies for all the documents with you.

Electronic Stuff

As the electricity condition is not stable in India you need to take some precautions. While you are in India, take out time and remember to charge your electronic gadgets well on time to avoid any harassment and inconvenience.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Keep face cleanser, hand wash and mouthwash in your travel kit. Always make it a point to use only the sparklingly clean toilets to keep away from any unhealthy condition. International standard of toilet facilities is also easily accessible by foreign tourists due to their availability in almost every Indian city.

Medicines and Pills

Over-the-counter medicines are readily available in hosts of medical stores in India. Also, renowned clinics and hospitals are in plenty in every corner of the country. Always keep some of the common medicines with you as per your health condition and requirement.

Time Zone

While you arrive in India, you are +0530 GMT (IST).

To enjoy a safe and happy travel experience in India, be careful, alert and use your discretion. Have a happy and exhilarating trip to India!

Tips Before Travel

Bring multiple copies of your passport when you travel.

Travelling outside can be hard so you need to carry copies of your passport all around.

Register your name with your home embassy.

Register your name with your home embassy for easy travelling.

Don’t forget to carry local cash for purchasing items.

Don’t forget to carry the local cash for purchasing the local items.

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