Payment Policy

India Magical Trip reserves all rights to vary rates and prices for variations in exchange rates and price rises made by other suppliers and wholesalers.

If you wish to make your reservations 6 months prior to the date of departure, you have to do so with 25% of the total trip cost and complete air travel cost and can embark on your trip. The rest 75% of the trip payment has to be made in cash after you step in India.

Booking the trip within 6 months from departure date would entitle you to go onboard with half of the tour advancement payment and entire domestic flight costs while booking. Once you reach India, you have to pay out the rest 50% of the balance.

Upon booking of the opulent and luxury hotels, you need to pay the entire payment prior to making your reservations of the rooms. In order to pay the balance through debit/credit card, 3% extra charge needs to be paid for bank transfer and payment through credit cards.

While you make your advance payment through online banking or cash transaction, ensure that you include the bank charges in your payment to let your bank cross-check the charges if the payment was deducted from our end. Following the payment, you need to send us an electronic or hard copy of the transfer order for the sake of our accounts records to authenticate your payment to our bank.

In case there is any issue with the transaction and the amount doesn’t get credited, we will send you evidence of the same and after your arrival, you need to pay us the balance amount in Indian currency.

Tips Before Travel

Bring multiple copies of your passport when you travel.

Travelling outside can be hard so you need to carry copies of your passport all around.

Register your name with your home embassy.

Register your name with your home embassy for easy travelling.

Don’t forget to carry local cash for purchasing items.

Don’t forget to carry the local cash for purchasing the local items.

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