Best Places To Visit In India In August 2024

August is a best time to travel in India because it rains a lot. The rain makes many places more beautiful and fun. You can find a place that suits your budget, mood and season in India. The rain also makes the air cool and calm. The rain makes the mountains green, the sunsets colorful, the water clear and the waterfalls big. The views are very nice to look at. You can enjoy quiet places or exciting things in August. It has both.

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  • Temperature: High - 33°C, Low - 26°C

Are you seriously thinking of visiting Varanasi in August? The city's old, cobbled streets are shining after fresh rain. It seems as if the monsoon magically wakes up the city, like pressing the refresh button. The river Ganga, which is the soul of this place, feels as if it is whispering secrets due to the calming touch of the rain. Usually the busy ghats are quiet, so you can sit back and enjoy it without the usual hustle and bustle. Oh, and the city hosts its own little rain parties – monsoon celebrations you won't want to miss. This is a side of Varanasi that most travelers never see. So, why not August? This is a Varanasi that you have never experienced before.



  • Temperature: High - 24°C, Low - 09°C

If you are an adrenaline junkie and a soul-searcher then you are in for a treat! Ladakh is your dream monsoon holiday in India. It's like a cold desert that has forgotten to rain, presenting you with awe-inspiring landscapes that feel like stepping into a Nat Geo documentary. It's August, the rest of the world is drowning in rain, but here you are, traveling through awe-inspiring rugged terrain that's usually closed for half the year. Do you want to escape the monsoon gloom and enjoy some raw, untouched beauty? Ladakh is your first choice without thinking!





  • Temperature: High - 35°C, Low - 25°C

Imagine, a French Riviera vibe but in South India. Yes, Pondicherry is a quiet coastal town that seems to be steeped in history and beach life. You will see streets that look like a French postcard full of Indian enthusiasm. Summer is the favorite season. Think less traffic, more beaches, and seafood so fresh it'll make you write a thank you letter to the ocean. It's less of a trip and more of an experience – a mix of heritage, relaxation and very good food.



  • Temperature: High - 29°C, Low - 24°C

Do you think you know Goa? Wait till you see it in monsoon. August here is heaven that got a refresh button. The sun shines, but does not scorch, and the Dudhsagar Waterfall turns into a spectacular masterpiece. It's not just beaches and beer in Goa; Rains bring out a whole other side of fun – monsoon festivals, rain dances, you name it. If you're up for something a little more adventurous, tackle white water rafting or get a spicy education on a plantation tour. Have you ever wanted to go on a wildlife safari in the rain? Here's your chance. Goa in monsoon is like seeing a familiar face in a whole new light.



  • Temperature: High - 19.6°C, Low - 14°C

Imagine a city where rain doesn't spoil the fun but adds to the magic - yes, that's Nainital for you. Come August, this charming hill town in Uttarakhand comes alive like a watercolor painting. The gentle rhythm of the rain on the rooftops, the fog-kissed hills, and the Naini Lake shining like a sapphire – you can't even imagine the view! Whether you're sightseeing or capturing relaxing moments, Nainital offers more than enough reasons for it to become your next travel destination.





  • Temperature: High - 33°C, Low - 27°C

You might think that deserts and monsoons don't mix, but Rajasthan is here to prove you wrong. Come August, and the dry landscapes do this crazy 180, turning straight into a fairy tale. Imagine peacocks strutting their stuff in heavy rain or exploring the colorful havelis in Shekhawati like you are in an art gallery. Craving a spicy kick? Enjoy local delicacies like Mirchi Bada and pair it with hot masala tea while listening to the romantic tunes of the rain. And if you are honeymooning? Trust me, between Jaigarh Fort and Lake Pichola, they look like they are out of a Bollywood movie, you won't want to leave.



  • Temperature: High - 30°C, Low - 22°C

Do you want a dirt-free monsoon? Head towards Munnar. Imagine, you are sipping tea in the lush green, rain-drenched hills of Kerala. It is the month of August, and the place is glowing in emerald colour, the waterfalls are like a grand sight of nature, and you can almost hear the wildlife and birds partying. The best part? This peaceful paradise is not yet crowded with tourists. So, you get peace, amazing beauty and off-season amenities. It's as if the universe is saying, "Take a break, you've earned it!



  • Temperature: High - 17.4°C, Low - 11°C

Imagine a place that feels like a hug from nature – that's Ooty for you. This hill station in Tamil Nadu is a blend of lush green hills and cool breeze, with a touch of colonial charm. As soon as the monsoons arrive, especially around August, Ooty starts receiving heavy rains making everything look and feel like a 4K movie. The hotels are as cozy as your grandmother's lap, and did I mention there's wildlife next door? Yes, Ooty is like a buffet of pure awesomeness for your soul.



  • Temperature: High - 25°C, Low - 20°C

Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to stop and enjoy some nature? So you don't need to worry, now Coorg is on your list. It's August, the air is fresh, and this hill station in Karnataka is basically an Instagram dream come true. Whether you're there for a cool weekend or an entire vacation, the ambiance is 100% laid-back luxury. Imagine misty mornings, days full of adventures like camping, river-rafting and trekking and evenings amidst roaring waterfalls. Bird lovers and wildlife watchers, prepare to be star struck. Plus, the rain here is more of a scene stealer than a party fun, so go ahead and enjoy this sightseeing like there's no tomorrow.






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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best places to see in India if I'm planning a trip in August?

Ans: August in India is all about options, if you are interested in those nature experiences, then you should visit places like Goa, Kerala or Mahabaleshwar. Are you more of an adrenaline junkie? Ladakh or Valley of Flowers trek is here. And if you just want to wander around and soak in some culture, then Mandu, Rajasthan and Pondicherry are your favorite destinations.

Q: What's the weather usually like in India around August?

Ans: In August, India becomes a rain-soaked paradise. This is the monsoon season, so whether you are in the north or the south, you may have to face light rain to torrential rain.

Q: Are there any special discounts on hotel stays or travel packages for trips in August?

Ans: August is usually when the tourist crowds subside, so hotels and tour companies are practically offering discounts just like you. Companies like "India Magical Trip" are a good place to start looking for some special August deals.


Q: Should I visit any beaches in India if I'm traveling in August?

Ans: If you are keen to spend some time at the beach in August, India is ready for you. The beaches in Kerala and Goa are not only open but even more stunning during the monsoon rains. So, if you don't mind a little wet weather, this is a great time to go to the beach!

Q: What hill stations should be at the top of my list if I'm traveling in India in August?

Ans: If you don't mind a little rain and slippery roads, August is a dream destination for hill stations. Explore places like Munnar, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Mahabaleshwar, Coorg and Mount Abu in the Western Ghats. Trust me, misty landscapes are like Instagram gold.

Q: What are the ideal destinations for a family getaway in India during August?

Ans: There are plenty of options for family trips in August. From the royal ambiance of Udaipur and Jaipur in Rajasthan to the heavenly landscapes of Ladakh, you are spoiled for choice. You can also cool off in Ooty, indulge in spiritual bliss in Varanasi, party in Goa, explore Kerala, or get wet in Cherrapunji. Basically, something for everyone!

Q: If I am in Delhi and it is the month of August where should I go for a quick trip?

Ans: If you are in Delhi and looking for an early August holiday, you are in luck! You have lots of options. Are you planning a mountain escape? Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are just a hop, skip and a jump away. Want something more attractive? Just head to the airport; It is well-connected to destinations across India. If you're keen to explore closer to home, Rajasthan is very close by and is always a hit. As far as specific locations, consider:

  • Jaipur: Perfect if you are interested in grand palaces and rich history.
  • Udaipur: Known as the 'City of Lakes', this place is extremely romantic.
  • Mount Abu: It is a hill station with stunning sunsets.
  • Nainital: A classic hill station with a beautiful lake in the middle.

Q: What are the must-see places in South India if I go in August?

Ans: If you're dreaming of a trip to South India this August, you're in for a treat! Kerala is your go-to for everything from stunning backwaters and beaches to hill stations and wildlife. But don't stop there! Tamil Nadu and Karnataka also offer breathtaking hill views and are rich in history and heritage.

Looking for specifics? Here are some top picks for August:

  • Munnar: This hill station in Kerala is a tea lover's paradise.
  • Kumarakom: Known for its amazing backwaters and bird sanctuary.
  • Alleppey: Perfect for a houseboat stay on the backwaters.
  • Ooty: A charming hill station in Tamil Nadu with British vibes.
  • Pondicherry: A unique blend of French and Indian culture, great for beaches and food.

So, whether it's nature, history, or culture you're after, South India in August has got you covered!

Q: What are the hill stations in Maharashtra that are especially beautiful in August?

Ans: Thinking of a holiday in Maharashtra this August? You're in luck! Most of the hill stations in the state are wonderful to visit at this time of the year, especially because the monsoon turns them into lush green paradises. We are talking about places like Mahabaleshwar, which is famous for its strawberry farms; Khandala and Lonavala are perfect for those weekend treks and waterfall trips. The rains make everything more magical, painting the Western Ghats green, you have to see to believe. So pack your bags and don't forget your raincoat!

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