Terms & Conditions for Outbound Tour

All communications regarding tours, travel services, and bookings should be directed to M/s India Magical Trip.


When you confirm your reservation, your agreement is with M/s India Magical Trip. The contract between us takes effect when we validate your tour/travel services and have acknowledged the receipt of your deposit.


For the agreed-upon services, an initial payment of 25% of the overall cost should be made to M/s India Magical Trip by you. This deposit is needed to secure your reservation.

Balance Payment:

The remaining amount should be paid 15 days before the commencement of services. Any reservations made within 15 business days of the service date would be viewed as last-minute reservations, and the complete payment must be made at the time of reservation.

However, during peak times (such as Christmas, New Year, etc) or special circumstances, the total payment should be settled at the time of reservation.

Even with the 25% advance payment to secure your reservations, there might be situations where you need to make an additional deposit before the final payment deadline depending on the payment deadline of the contractor / supplier as applicable.

Important Notice:

All correct information must be provided at the time of reservation.

Once travel has started, no changes are permitted.

All reservations should be fully paid in India before the departure of the passenger (i.e., all reservations must be prepaid).

All payments in INR/Foreign currency must be accompanied by the original passports & tickets of all the passengers travelling.

The rates are subject to change based on currency rate fluctuations.

Policies may vary for bookings made during peak times, trade fairs, New Year, Christmas Eve, Public holidays, etc.

5% TCS (Tax collected at source) on the total cost will be added. The collected TCS amount will reflect in Form 26AS of the person providing their PAN and can be claimed when filing their Income-tax return. We will issue a certificate of collection. If PAN card is not provided, 10% TCS will be applicable. TCS does not apply to GST.

Payment Methods:

Clients have the option to pay via any of the following methods:

Through Cheque / Demand Draft

Through Bank Transfer

Using QR Code

Keep in Mind:

All payments must be made without any withholding tax or deductions.

Any bank charges incurred during money transfer (either by the sending bank or intermediary bank) must be fully covered by the payer.

In the case of QR code payments made through credit or debit card, any associated bank charges are to be shouldered by the payer.

Special Reminder:

Please be aware that no employee or representative of M/s India Magical Trip (IMT) will request your Net Banking login information, Password, OTP, etc. Neither will they ask you to transfer money into a personal account or ask you to install third-party apps such as Any Desk, TeamViewer, etc.

Please do not respond to such requests and report any such incidents to info@indiamagicaltrip.com

Cancellation/No Show/Early Departure Policy:

All services including Airline seats, Hotel accommodation, Ground transportation, etc. for your tour/travel are secured once your booking is confirmed. We are obligated to settle all due payments, including any penalties, to our suppliers/vendors if the services are terminated or cancelled within the stipulated period. If you need to cancel the tour for any reason, the cancellation must be communicated to us in writing, and the applicable cancellation charges are as follows:

Cancellation charges per person:

If you cancel 21 days prior to the tour departure: 25% of the total tour cost is charged.

If cancellation occurs 20-15 days prior to the tour departure: 50% of the total tour cost is charged.

If cancellation happens 14-8 days prior to the tour departure: 70% of the total tour cost is charged.

If you cancel 7 days or less prior to the departure of the tour, or in case of a "No Show": 100% of the total tour cost is charged (No Refund).

For cancellations or amendments made during the tour: 100% of the total tour cost is charged.

Please note, in some instances, cancellation charges may vary or change. Such changes will be communicated separately on a case-to-case basis.


1. Regardless of the above-mentioned cancellation slabs, if you cancel the tour/travel services (for any reason) after making the booking with us, a minimum service charge of 10% on the total tour package cost will be applicable.

2. In the event of tour/travel services cancellation (for any reason) by us after your booking has been made, you have two options:

    o You can receive a Credit Note for the amount paid, which can be used at any future date by you, your family members, friends, or anyone else as recommended by you.

    o If you want a refund, a minimum service charge of 10% on the total cost of the tour package will be applied, and the remaining amount (after deducting this 10% service charge) will be refunded.

In both scenarios, any cancellation charges applicable for the cancellation of flight tickets, hotel bookings, travel services, Guide services, etc., will be recovered from the client.

3. If you cancel your trip after it has begun, the refund will be limited to an amount that we can recover from the hoteliers, airlines, transporters, and other suppliers we use. We are not responsible for refunding any unused hotel accommodation, flight tickets, transportation, missed meals, or any other services.

4. The cancellation fee is calculated based on the total booking amount, not the advance deposit.


Any refunds due to amendments and/or cancellations will be paid directly to you if the booking was made with the company. Please allow a minimum of 30 working days for the refund process.

No refund will be given for any unused or partially used services (such as Airline Tickets, Meals, Entrance Fees, Optional Tours, Hotels, Sightseeing, etc.)

Refunds for the foreign exchange component of the tour will be given in INR only, based on the company's exchange rate on the day of refund.

Third-party refunds, such as those from Airlines, Cruises, Overseas Suppliers, may take between 30 to 90 working days, provided that the relevant supporting documents are submitted to the Company.

Refunds will only be made in India, in INR, in accordance with RBI regulations.

There will be no refund for reservation cancellations made after the start of travel.

Exclusions from the Tour Cost:

The tour cost does not cover gratuities, insurance sightseeing, excess baggage charges, laundry, beverages, tips, airport taxes, meals unless explicitly stated, and personal expenses.

Required Identification Documents:

Every guest (including Foreign Nationals, NRI’s and Indian Nationals) must provide a Photo ID at the time of booking confirmation. The necessary documents differ for various categories:

For Foreign Nationals – A copy of Passport + Visa is required.

For Non-Resident Indian clients (NRI client) – A copy of the passport is necessary.

For Overseas Indian clients with OCI / PIO card – A copy of the passport and the OCI/PIO card is required.

For Domestic Clients – A copy of Driving License / Voter ID Card / passport is essential.

High Season / Trade Fairs / Festivals:

Special conditions may apply for bookings during high season, trade fairs, and festivals, which will be advised at the time of booking.

Activity Scope:

We are solely travel and holiday organizers. We neither control nor operate any airline, coach or coach company, shipping company, hotel transporter, or any other facility referred to in our manual. We carefully select all aspects of your holiday, but since we do not have direct control over these services, we can't be held liable for any injury, death, loss or damage caused by the actions or negligence of any hoteliers, shipping companies, airlines, coach owners/coach operators who are the company's independent contractors.

Hotel Check-in and Check-out Timings:

The usual check-in time is 1400 hrs/ 1500 hrs globally, and the checkout time is 1200 hrs. Early check-in and late checkout are always subject to hotel availability and cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances. If clients require their room immediately upon early morning arrival, the room must be booked for the previous night.

Itinerary Accuracy / Change:

The itinerary details provided at the time of quoting are subject to change before or after booking the tour due to any unforeseen circumstances. If we are aware of any changes well in advance, we will inform you at the time of booking; otherwise, our local representative will update you. Changes in routes, closure or management change of Indian restaurants, etc., may force us to modify the itineraries. If we are aware of such changes well in advance, we will inform you; otherwise, our local representative will update you. Clients are expected to adhere to the timeline at all stages of the tour. The company is not liable for any damages, injury, accident, loss, baggage loss, death, breakdown, or irregularity, which may occur due to any unforeseen conditions, strikes, war, quarantine, etc. Any additional expenses incurred due to delay or change in schedules of train, airplane, bus, ship or other services will be claimed by us. We also reserve the right to amend, alter, vary, or withdraw any advertised excursions or substitute a hotel of similar category if necessary.


You hold sole responsibility for your baggage and personal belongings at all times. We cannot be held accountable for any loss, theft, or damage to such items whether in the hotel premises, cruise, coach, airport, during travel, or at any visiting site.

Some hotels offer the use of safe deposit lockers. You may avail these at your own expense and risk.

Any damages caused to hotel rooms, coaches, or visiting places during your stay or visit must be paid for by you.

The company bears no responsibility for disruptions in telephone or internet services, or any other amenities at the hotel.

The company is also not responsible for any facilities provided or not provided in the room, bathroom or within the hotel premises by the hotel or its staff.


The Company holds no liability to the client or any accompanying traveler for issues like: Loss of Baggage, failure to provide a meal of preference, Overbooking of seats, inability to accommodate client despite confirmed tickets, quality of meals, Flight delays, missed flights due to client's fault, Changes in flight schedule/routing/airline informed at booking time, etc.

If a client cannot board a particular flight on a specific date due to circumstances beyond the Company's control, the client cannot hold the Company accountable for this.

All bookings/cancellations/change of airline tickets, and the travel based on these tickets will be subject to the terms & conditions specified by the respective airlines.

Liability for Loss/Damage:

The company is not liable for any loss or damage to personal belongings during your hotel stay or while traveling in the coach. Should theft or loss of baggage occur, you, the tour participant, have the sole discretion to lodge a complaint with the local authorities, at your own expense, risk, and consequences.

Child Accommodation (under 12 years):

It is clarified and understood that a child under 12 years of age, booked on the tour at a special rate without a bed, will not be provided with a bed in the hotel during the tour, under any circumstance. If you make any room changes during the tour, the company is not obliged to refund or compensate you. Should you decide to change room arrangements during the tour, subject to availability, additional charges apply.

Visa Rejection Cancellation:

All clients traveling with M/s India Magical Trip must hold a valid visa. It is your responsibility to ensure the Visa Application Form(s) is correctly filled and verified by you before submitting it to the Embassy/Consulate.

Be aware that granting or rejecting visas is entirely at the discretion of the respective Consulate/Authorities. The company cannot be held responsible or influence the decision in any way. We only provide necessary guidance for visa applications. 

If visa issuance is delayed or refused due to incomplete or late submission of required documents from your side, M/s India Magical Trip is not liable. 

If your visa is rejected, reapplication fees must be paid to the consulate, and cannot be claimed from M/s India Magical Trip.

Information Privacy:

Your provided information is treated as confidential. However, you permit us to share your information with airlines, hotels, or other service providers that will be providing services during your tour, as well as with fellow traveler(s). We are obligated to disclose your information if required by law, court order, or regulations/inquiry by any government/statutory agency having jurisdiction over our company.


Any communication made at your provided address or contact details is considered to have been received by you. The company cannot be held responsible for any errors in this mode of communication.

Travel Conditions:

A) The prices quoted are calculated at the rate at the time of quotation. The company has the right to adjust prices due to currency fluctuations, exchange rates, fuel costs, special/high season charges by suppliers, or changes in airline/rail charges before departure. Any such price increase must be fully paid by you before departure.

B) The company is not liable to you for:

Overstay expenses due to delays or changes in bus/air/train/ship services or cancellation due to sickness, weather, strikes, war, or any other reason.

Missed sightseeing or program cancellations after tour commencement and before the due period due to unavoidable circumstances beyond our control. Any loss/damage of baggage by Airlines/Hotels/Coach/Cruise.

C) Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the departure date.

General Terms:

The term 'Client' refers to the individual or individuals who made the booking or for whom the booking is made.

'Company' means M/s India Magical Trip.

A contract between the Company and the Client only exists once the Company has received the initial deposit as stated in the 'payment' clause.

'Independent contractors' refer to service providers like hotel owners, airline operators, shipping companies, railway or coach owners, and others chosen by the company to provide services to the client. No one besides the company has the authority to alter, add, amplify or waive any condition or term in writing.

The company is not liable for any form of loss, be it death, injury, illness, delay, discomfort, additional costs, consequential loss/damage, or misadventure caused by any means.

Any action, omission, or default by an independent contractor or any person, servant, or agent involved in providing accommodation, refreshments, transportation, or services for the client is not the company's responsibility.

The company holds no liability for the temporary or permanent loss or damage to luggage or personal items, irrespective of the cause.

The company's liability arising from this contract, in regards to any tour, holiday, or excursion, is limited to the total amount paid or agreed to be paid for the holiday and does not include consequential loss or additional expense.

If the client has any complaints regarding the service provided by any of the Independent Contractors, the client must immediately notify the contractor in writing, copying IMT office where the booking was made. This helps the company address the issue with the contractor for future improvement.

Each of these conditions is separable from the others. If any provision is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions retain their full effect.

The transactions involving foreign exchange are governed by the regulations set by the Reserve Bank of India and the Government of India.

Tips are mandatory in Europe.

The company reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time after accepting the deposit but before the tour commencement, without providing any reason.

The client confirms that the address provided during booking is accurate and complete in all respects, and this address will be used by the company for determining the 'location of the client' for levy of Goods and Services Tax.

Force Majeure:

M/s India Magical Trip (the company), along with its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents or suppliers, and their respective successors, heirs, and permitted assigns, will not be held accountable for any failure or delay in performing any obligations due to circumstances beyond their control. These circumstances may include acts of war, sabotage, embargo, acts of terrorism, riots, transportation failures, governmental or court actions, natural disasters, strikes, pandemics, epidemics, disease outbreaks, or quarantine restrictions, or other causes not within the reasonable control of M/s India Magical Trip (termed as "Force Majeure").

Both M/s India Magical Trip (the company) and the client (you) commit to making their best efforts to prevent, overcome, and counteract the effects of any Force Majeure event.

Once the Force Majeure event has ended, the terms and conditions provided here will become fully operational again.

Despite a Force Majeure event, neither M/s India Magical Trip (the company) nor the client (you) will be relieved from obligations that were already in effect prior to the occurrence of the Force Majeure event.

Jurisdiction Clause:

Any disputes arising from this agreement or any other subsequent agreement will be subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi Courts only.

Tips Before Travel

Bring multiple copies of your passport when you travel.

Travelling outside can be hard so you need to carry copies of your passport all around.

Register your name with your home embassy.

Register your name with your home embassy for easy travelling.

Don’t forget to carry local cash for purchasing items.

Don’t forget to carry the local cash for purchasing the local items.

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